Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry forms a substantial part of the global economy. We approach our work in this industry with a sense of urgency and innovation. We are one of only two players in the world to work on live flare stacks. Our services in this industry include:

  • AGST Blasting and painting (Maintenance, repair and coating schemes, full surface prep and coating application using UHP, bristle blasting, remotely operated blast units, brush and roller application, airless and plural spray)
  • AGST maintenance (Foam pourer repairs and maintenance, wind girder repairs, leak detection and repairs, fire detection system installation, localised weld repairs, cold plate bonding)
  • AGST cleaning (Removal of hydro-carbon build up on floating roofs, roof trusses and side shells)
  • Confined space entry (Maintenance, Hotworks, surface prep and paint, and NDT inspections)
  • Fire line maintenance
  • Floating roof maintenance (Leak detection and repairs, Pontoon inspections and repairs)
  • General maintenance on berth and wharf loading arms and berth, wharf and jetty maintenance including pile wrapping and anode replacement.
  • Live flare inspections and maintenance
  • NDT inspections of vessels, exchangers, AGST, spheres, stacks
  • Pipeline inspections
  • Reactor maintenance
  • Smoke stack inspections and repairs and painting
  • Spalling and concrete cancer repairs
  • Sprinkler line and drenching system maintenance

Types of Above Ground Storage Tanks ASP have worked on:

  • Fixed Roof
  • Floating Roof
  • Insulated
  • Non-insulated
  • Spheres and Gas Bullets

Offshore Installations

We provide services to the offshore oil and gas industry. This includes inspecting and maintaining topside, tank, and downhole environments all around the world. Our services include:

  • Anode removal and installation
  • Anode surveys
  • Ballast tank inspections
  • Belt torqueing and replacement
  • Brush/roller application
  • Class and owner condition surveys
  • Close up surveys/visual photographic
  • Coating inspections (NACE/SSPC)
  • Derrick and crown block maintenance
  • Dropped object surveys
  • Fire line maintenance
  • General maintenance on loading arms
  • Hull maintenance programs – CHS (continuous hull surveys) structural integrity surveys
  • In-transit ship maintenance and refurbishment
  • Live flare inspections and maintenance
  • Marine class surveys – FPSOs and FSOs (in-transit and on-station)
  • Mechanical preparation and dry grit blasting
  • NDT inspections
  • Pipeline inspections
  • Pressure vessel inspection
  • Rigging and lifting
  • Scaffolding/staging erection
  • Sprinkler line maintenance
  • Steel renewal/condition surveys
  • Steel replacement (cutting and welding) SPS overlay, i.e. approved contractors
  • Under deck surveys


We conduct structural integrity inspections including:

Comprehensive close visual inspection and supporting photographs covering:

  • Plating, welds, bolts, pins, bogie/gantry travel arrangement, ladders, platforms and handrails; and
  • assessment of existing protective coating including proposals for remedial work

Corrosion monitoring & NDT including:

  • Eddy Current (EC) Testing of coated weldments to assess weld integrity
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT) to verify surface opening defect indications
  • Plate thickness measurements
  • Ultrasonic (UT) Testing of weld integrity and defect sizing



  • Bolt/Huck bolt removal/replacement
  • Forestay alignment and pin removal
  • Replacement of – driver’s cabin, Festoon Rails, cat ladders, handrails, platforms
  • Weld repairs to Deck sill beam and portal beams including structural reinforcements


  • Acrylic and epoxy applications
  • External and internal void space painting and liner applications
  • Patch repairs
  • SSPC – Standard Surface Preparation and coating to NACE standard


  • COE AM GM50 (DP World Asset Management Guidance Document)
  • Crane inspections carried out in accordance with manufacturers guidelines & requirements (Including DPW 2)


Renewable energy is a fast-growing industry consisting primarily of biogas, biomass, geothermal, wind, hydro, waves and solar power. ASP has considerable renewables inspection, construction and maintenance experience, including:

  • Anode lowering
  • Blade repairs for: gel coat, laminate damages, cracks, lightning damage, and leading edge protection erosion
  • Blasting and painting
  • Cable cleating
  • Cable pulls and hang offs
  • Cable routing and jointing
  • Close up and detailed visual inspections of blades
  • Coating application
  • Electrical termination and testing
  • Grouting on monopiles
  • Hang off resin pours
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Termination and testing
  • Torque bolting

General Works

We provide a series of general works in the industrial and construction industry. These include:

  • Rigging
  • Anchor installation and inspection
  • Roofing installation and repair
  • Welding at height
  • Signage installation