Our inspection service includes a wide range of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) on offshore projects and offshore units / components, in accordance with Class Programme DNVGL-CP-0484, and Destructive Testing (DT) inspections. Each of our inspections are accompanied by a comprehensive report which outlines our methods, findings and recommendations.

Height Safety:

Anchor system design and installations, height safety system inspections and health checks. Installations of ladders, railings, walkways, fall arrest systems and rope access systems.

Site specific reports and system usage instructions and certification.


  • Coating inspections (NACE/SSPC).
  • Dropped object surveys.
  • Inspection and maintenance works on Radomes.
  • NDT: UT (A/B/C-Scan), UTM, MT, LT, EC, 3rd Party Assist RT, Visual, CCTV.
  • Structural Integrity surveys: steel/concrete.
  • Elios Drone Testing


  • Anode surveys.
  • Class & owner condition surveys.
  • Close-up surveys/visual photographic.
  • Hull Maintenance Programs – CHS (Continuous Hull Surveys).
  • Integrity inspections of sea wharfs.
  • Marine class surveys – FPSO’s and FSO’s (In-Transit and On-Station).
  • NDT: UT (A/B/C-Scan), UTM, MT, LT, EC, 3rd Party Assist RT, Visual, CCTV.
  • Steel renewal/condition surveys.
  • Structural integrity surveys: steel/concrete.
  • Elios Drone Testing



Scheduled and preventative maintenance can save your business considerable money in the long-run. We offer the following maintenance services:

  • Anode assessment, removal and installation.
  • Boiler making and coded welding to AWS D1:19 ASME IX.
  • Bolt torquing.
  • Derrick and crown block maintenance.
  • Flare stack refurbishments.
  • Harbour jetty maintenance.
  • In-transit ship maintenance and refurbishment.
  • NSL (North Sea Lifting) trained Aerial Riggers are used for on-shore and offshore rigging and heavy lifting.
  • All lifts are planned and assessed prior to commencement and detailed risk assessment procedures (RAPS) are followed to ensure lifts are completed safely and by only certified scaffold supervisors & erectors.
  • Pipeline maintenance.
  • Repairs and maintenance on windshields, flues and expansion joints.
  • Scaffolding/staging.
  • SPS overlay I.E. approved contractors.
  • Steel replacement (cutting and welding).
  • Tank farm maintenance.



Painting is one way to facilitate the integrity of your assets and improve the aesthetic of a commercial or industrial structure. We provide quality cleaning, preparation and painting services conducted by skilled technicians with an eye for detail. Our services include:

Surface preparation options:

  • Mechanical preparations to dry grit blasting.
  • Remotely operated Versablast/Fasterblast units.
  • Ultra-high pressure water blasting > 2500 Bar (5000psi).
  • Vacuum blasting and Sponge jet.

Coating options:

  • Airless / conventional spray.
  • Brush/roller.
  • Spatula.



Above all else, ASP Rope Access guarantees integrity. This means that we monitor and report on your assets so that they operate more efficiently, more safely and more sustainably.

Our integrity services include:

  • Coating Inspection (NACE).
  • Corrosion Assessment.
  • DROPS Surveys.
  • Electrical Inspections (EX).
  • Lifting Equipment Inspection (LEI).
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT).
  • Piping Inspection.
  • Structural/Welding Inspection.
  • Visual Inspection.

3D Laser Scanning – Advanced Measuring Techniques:

  • Silo & Storage Tank Settlement, Tilt & Deformation Surveys
  • Silo & Storage Tank Volumetric Calibrations.
  • Tank Farm Containment Analysis Surveys.
  • Bridge Alignment Surveys.
  • Structural & Plant modeling for inventory and archives.
  • Plant scanning for retrofit and installations.